Vizor Interactive, a leading international developer of multiplayer games across browser, social networks and mobile platforms, invites gamers of all ages to discover the vibrant world of Zombie Castaways where love drives zombies to work together on a quest to become human. Over 70 million players around the world have already discovered the softer side of zombie life after the successful release of Vizor Interactive’s Zombie Island. Zombie Castaways launches today and is free to play on iOS and Android devices with in-game items available for purchase.

In a quest to win over a girl, one zombie’s heart drives him to brew Zombium and become a human in Zombie Castaways. Along the way, players will encounter a colorful assortment of characters, plants and buildings as they must grow, construct and decorate their islands in order to cook up Zombium. By utilizing zombie-workers to help clear environments, players will be able to harvest various crops and travel to different islands in search of new treasures.

Zombie Castaways also features:
● Full cast of zombie characters, including eclectic plants that warm the living soul.
● A bright and colorful world made up of several magnificent islands to explore.
● Various items, including plants, potions, treasures and more, to discover and harvest.
● Other zombie-workers including woodcutters, stone miners, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks help clear islands, construct buildings and plant crops.

“The global success of Zombie Island on Facebook is a testament to the popularity of these misunderstood creatures,” said Vladimir Yatsukevich, Lead Game Designer, Vizor Interactive. “Creating Zombie Castaways for mobile devices is a natural fit for gamers of all ages on the go who are looking for a fresh take on zombies, and for the millions of fans already in love with the game.”

Zombie Castaways is now available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.