Help Zoombinis Reach Zoombiniville! Zoombinis is Now Available for iOS and Android Tablets

Following the incredibly successful Kickstarter from earlier this year, TERC, a not-for-profit leader in K-12 math and science education, announced today the availability of the beloved educational game, Zoombinis, on iPad and Android tablets for $4.99. The app is designed for players 9 and older and is available on the App Store? and Google Play. Zoombinis will also come to Mac, Windows and Kindle Fire in the coming months.

Zoombinis is developed in conjunction with the world-class designers at FableVision Studios, an award-winning educational developer, along with Learning Games Network.

“Together we have recreated the Zoombinis adventure so that it can be shared with a whole new generation, in a touch screen format,” said David Libby, Director of Technology, TERC . “Zoombinis now has a more modern look and added gameplay refinements, complete with the timeless logic puzzles that children and adults first came to love in the ’90s.”

Numbering in the hundreds, the Zoombinis need your help. The small blue creatures, each with distinct personalities and appearances, are all imprisoned by the evil Bloats who took over their home – and you need to help them reach the safety of Zoombiniville. Using logic, data analysis, pattern finding and problem solving skills, children and adults will face a series of increasingly difficult challenges – 12 in total – set within entertaining environments such as Pizza Pass, Titanic Tattooed Toads and Mudball Wall. Help the Zoombinis travel in groups until all 400 of them are safe in Zoombiniville.

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