Cloud Factory – A new addictive eco–friendly high score game!

Our development team is proud to announce today the release of Cloud Factory, the funniest arcade high score game with an extremely addictive gameplay, quirky characters and unique green theme, that will break out player’s daily routine.

With its fast gameplay, Cloud Factory challenges players to keep pollution down on Fuzzy bears planet as much time as possible and master leaderboards zapping toxic clouds, avoiding imminent dangers, collecting incredible power ups and taking advantage of specific fuzzy bears.

Additionally, the game features amazing graphics with cute & funny characters and animations and impressive particles VFX. Catch a glimpse in the trailer

Game features:

Tap/slice on the toxic clouds to reduce pollution
Beware of imminent dangers (flying pigs, birds, toxic balloons)
Collect and smartly use incredible power ups
Take advantage of specific fuzzy bears to hit your aim
Get huge bonuses to increase your score
If you need to blow a bit of time, or if you want a nice challenge this is the game for you! It’s simple enough to get into right away, but has just enough intricacies to keep things interesting.

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