Dig a Way, a beautifully animated puzzle adventure by Digi Ten, launches in the iOS App store

Launched on March 5th by Brazilian 2-man team Digi Ten, Dig a Way is here to breathe new life into the puzzle genre, and was featured by Apple in various stores around the world.

Dig a Way will have you moving, digging, and dashing your way through clever puzzles, devious traps, and dangerous critters, as you explore underground caves and ancient ruins!

From Casual to Core
With its charming characters, bright visuals, and intelligently crafted levels, Dig a Way delivers a puzzle game that will capture the hearts and minds of people of all ages.

It starts out simple enough, but in order to stay alive and collect all the treasure, players will have to plan their moves and think outside the box. Once you move down, there’s no going back up!

With over 70 levels split across 4 unique worlds, players will face new challenges that will keep them learning and thinking as they progress through the game. Each new mechanic interacts with the pre-existing ones, naturally leading players from casual play to a more intense experience.

Digi Ten: www.digiten.com

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