Sokoban Next is out on iOS and Android

Sokoban Next, based on one of the most favorite puzzle games ever, but with a few unique and amusing twists, is available on both iOS and Android for FREE!

Help Draco, the little dragon, drive the dragon eggs into the fiery nests where they belong to get hatched. Put your mind to the test and solve lots of tricky sokoban puzzles, build your own twisted enigmas and share them with everyone around the world, and also compete with others for the Mastermind title and claim the top spots on the leaderboards!

Are you new to sokoban games? You should fear not, because Sokoban Next explains the basics and helps you get the hang of things pretty fast! You won’t want to put it down after playing the first few puzzles!


  • Delightful visuals
  • Multidimensional gameplay
  • Plenty of excellent 3D puzzles
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Complex puzzle editor
  • Custom puzzle sharing
  • Leaderboards & achievements