Action RPG Clash of Dawn Touches Down On Android And iOS (Video)

3D fantasy themed mobile Action RPG Clash of Dawn, which is published by Ujoy, is available on Google Play and Apple App Store now. In Clash of Dawn, players will join The Mourner Force to fight against Immortal Army and defeat the Immortal. Riches await to those brave enough to face these trials.

Join Brotherhood or Knighthood?
There are 2 opposing Sects, the Knighthood and the Brotherhood, are waiting for players to join them. Both of them belong to the Mourner Force and their common goal is to defeat the Immortal of Immortal Army. But they also have some conflict of interest.
The Knighthood and Brotherhood are in eternal conflict. Both of them want to dominate the Kingdom. A hero is needed to bring peace back to the opposing factions and stabilize the kingdoms.

War of Succession will begin at specific time. Players who reach level 20 and join the Sect can enter the battlefield in Sigh Canyon. The mission for players is to defeat the enemies from opposing Sect. The Sect, which kill the most in target time, will be the winner. Both top 50 and top 10 players from the 2 Sects can be rewarded with extra bonus.

Join the Guild Battle and fight for the honor.
There are five various battlefields in Clash of Dawn. The Guild Battle is one of the most fierce battles. Team up together to fight for the honor of the Guild.

There are 2 gameplays in Guild. They are Guild Battle and Guild Res. Collection. 8 Guilds from each server will be selected to join 3 rounds of Guild Battles. The alive Guild will be the winner. During the Guild Battle, the mission for players is to grab the resources. The more, the better.

In Guild Res. Collection, 4 Guilds will fight against another 4 Guilds in a same map. Players can submit the resources to NPC in Safe Zone at any time. The Guild with better Group Cohesiveness is easier to win.

Choose your Sect and build your Guild. Fight for the Honor. Clash of Dawn’s amazing graphics will immerse you into a breathing world. Both Chinese and English are available in the game. Darkness is invading the whole continent. Who can lift the veil of darkness and welcome the dawn’s light? Follow its website and Facebook to get more information.