Angry Fly, an 8-bit RPG Flying Adventure (Video)

After nearly 3 years of hard work, indie game developer PixBros Studios, launches their first game for mobile – Angry Fly, which is exclusively available on Android OS.

Angry Fly is a free 8-bit adventurer game inspired by Flappy Bird & Diablo. Along the game, players will face obstacles and enemies, explore different worlds, gather coins, unlock achievements, wear clothes with special abilities and use elixirs that gives magical powers. All this will help to go forward to the final aim – finding kidnapped fiancée.


• Awesome character which may use different types of items;
• Balanced and well designed leveling system – up to 20 levels;
• Fighting your way through pipes, spiders, beetles and dense vegetation;
• Gathering coins, golden bars and golden chest through your adventure;
• Buy items that give advantages in game – clothes, maps and powers;
• 30 different clothes to wear – 10 shoes, 10 hats and 10 costumes;
• 14 amazing maps – 8 daylight maps, 4 night maps and 2 secret maps;
• 9 powerful elixirs that will give you super powers during the adventure;
• 69 unique achievements, some of which will provide amazing awards;
• 4 competitive leaderboard statistics by scores, games, coins and time;
• Deeper and adventurer gameplay based on Earth gravity;
• Handcrafted 8-bit pixel art and great sounds and music;