Ashes of Creation Early Gameplay Footage (Video)

Intrepid Studios is pleased to share some of their vision for a real living and breathing world in their upcoming MMORPG – Ashes of Creation. Yes, we know you hear that sort of talk all the time, but Intrepid means business.

Below is a snippet from the full developer blog posted by Creative Director Steven Sharif today. We’d love if you could share this blog post with your readers today or over the weekend.


“Rocks fall, pits await you in dungeons, cursed glades call out, even magical ley lines hold danger – the player will experience a tricky and sometimes combative world. We don’t think that a casual walk on a new world should be so… casual. Part of having an immersive experience is having immersive challenges. The coolest part of going into a cave isn’t opening the treasure chest, it’s earning the treasure chest. Slowly walking through dark caverns, not knowing what danger awaits you. Most importantly in an MMO, it’s sharing this experience of the unknown with others. A new world brings new challenges and hopefully new heroes.

When you push the world it pushes back. When you give to the world, it gives back. One of the main acts of player agency in Ashes on a macro level is the development of Nodes. Nodes are the birth of civilization, the expansion of the world’s people (Man, Dwarves, and Elves alike). Forests don’t necessarily like trees having to be cut for houses. Caves don’t like it when ore needs to be mined for grand temples. Nodes developing will give great environmental benefits, bridges to connect new areas, better roads for travel and even harbors for coastal cities. But, should civilization push up against the cave or forest, creatures that have lain dormant for time untold will awaken. Like all things in life, the evolution and progression of a world is a give and take.

Take too much, and the world just might bite back.”