AZ Rockets, minimalistic casual game on Android and iOS

Stay cool. Aim well. Shoot fast. These three rules are the keys to success in the challenging and newly released game ‘AZ Rockets’. If you are a fan of minimalistic casual games, this should be the next game for you to look up.

‘AZ Rockets’ is developer Itatake’s fifth game. It is a minimalistic and stylish game with clean and easy to understand game mechanics, built in the spirit of their previous game ‘99 Rockets’. If you are familiar with ‘99 Rockets’, the main differences between these games are that in ‘AZ Rockets’ you have got unlimited number of rockets, but limited amount of time.

‒ ‘99 Rockets’ reached millions of players around the world, says Itatake’s CEO Thomas Wedin. With the easy to understand game mechanics and the minimalism, we reached great attraction and love from our players. That is why we decided to do a sequel in the same manner.

‘AZ Rockets’ is free to download and free to play, with the options to watch ads or buy the Premium Edition to maximize the experience.

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