Battle Hordes available for iOS

Global launch for Battle Hordes: The new strategy MMO from developer and publisher Xyrality is released worldwide for iOS. The new MMORTS does not only raise the bar for for real-time 3D graphics and the detailed in-game models, but also lifts the level of game design standards with its innovative gameplay and some unique features.

The strategic map, in addition to its classic functionality, acts as a ranking-system where the players can change the position of their cities by defeating opponents in battle. The center of the map rewards high bonuses to those who can assert themselves against thousands of other players.

The armies for the epic battles are recruited from six different tribes with completely different strengths and weaknesses, which come into play to secure resource farms, hunt monsters and compete with other players. Gradually the huge city, from which the players control their fates, is unlocked and upgraded. Joining alliances and working together is crucial in all aspects of the game and is the key to success.

Battle Hordes is a free to play strategy MMO for iOS with impressive graphics and a diversified combat and alliance system. The huge city, the strategical map as well as the thrilling PvP and PvE fights are completely animated in 3D. Once a player wins a fight against an opponent, he takes over the defeated player’s position on the map. This results in world-wide battles breaking out for rare resources and rising bonuses in the middle of the map. In this conflict, multicultural armies of different tribes like orcs, dwarves, humans and more face each other. Strategy and team-play are the key to success in Battle Hordes.