Project Remedium, a first-person shooter, on Steam

Project Remedium, a first-person shooter developed by Atomic Jelly and published by Movie Games,  has launched on Steam. Project Remedium is a vision of the world affected by disastrous illness which spawns disgusting creatures and warps those who are supposed to counter it. The player takes control over one of the survivors – a small group that tries to fight the growing threat.

Players are able to traverse the human organism as Nano+, a specialized nanobot which has to discover the cause of a strange illness and a way to stop it. The road to recovery won’t be a simple one. Nano+ will have to face mutated microbes, depraved miniature medics and various quests to accomplish.

The story in Project Remedium is a mix of realism and factual medical knowledge with a metaphorical approach to illness and recovery. Humanity is wondering how medicine will evolve in the future, or will the illness be treated as an enemy, which we can engage in combat? The answer proposed by Project Remedium will send the players on a journey into the human organism

Project Remedium’s strength lies not only in the unique story, but also in innovative approach to the FPS genre. Nano+ is equipped with a selection of weapons which can be upgraded as the gameplay progresses, a grappling hook device to move swiftly through the environment and an array of abilities to unlock. Players are set to uncover the source of the mysterious infection, but also learn many surprising medical facts.

Main features of the game:
·       Interactive environment, which responds to the player’s actions
·       Engaging and deeply emotional story set inside the human organism
·       A multitude of story quests, as well as various side quests
·       The weapon upgrade system and healing/boosting substances crafting system
·       Circulatory system and 6 organs to explore and cure