Behold the Kickmen releases on Steam

BEHOLD THE KICKMEN was last year’s momentary Twitter sensation – a stupid joke taken far too far, which culminated in an old school Sensible Soccer/ Speedball kind of game. What started with an innocuous tweet and a silly gif about a developer making a football game despite not knowing the rules has ended with this – a football game on Steam that is genuinely unlike any other.

“What started as a game jam and a stupid gif has definitely blossomed into something, that’s for sure.” chanted Dan Marshall, Chief Executive of Football Expertise at Size Five Games. “Normally getting people interested in your games is like getting blood from a stone, so when Behold the Kickmen took off and started getting endless retweets I felt obliged to actually make it. Here we are one year later and I’m now fed up to the back teeth with all things football.”

‘Behold the Kickmen’ has launched on Steam.

> Kicking a ball up and down a Football Arena, over and over and over.
> Kissing
> Futuristic Dystopian Bloodsport Mode reskins the entire game to be more like Speedball
> Career Story Mode with branching storyline.
> Team Management screens let you build and re-jig your team to suit YOUR playstyle.
> Deeply satirical ‘Fever’ system that sees you chasing money, not goals.
> Jokes about football.