Little Briar Rose on the App Store and Play Store (Video)

Little Briar Rose, the special stained glass-styled adventure created by Elf Games Works and published by Mangatar is available for iOS and Android.
The game takes inspiration from the Brothers Grimm’s Little Briar Rose and recreates the magic of the wonderful Beauty and The Beast stained glass window, channelling art and creativity in the overall game experience.
The world of Little Briar Rose is suitable for all ages and is studded with puzzles and fantastic creatures leading the players toward the castle where the ending can be a bit unexpected.
Artist Fabiola Allegrone states: “Little Briar Rose, with its artistic attention to detail, represents both a challenge and an opportunity to express our vision of video games as an immersive experience.
I’m very grateful to my initial calling: comics taught me how to improve the scene readability. And I’m more grateful than ever to those dragons I used to sketch on my notebook when I was a little girl. I’ve always loved decorations and patterns, searching for the perfect, majestic, evocative image.

As for Little Briar Rose scenery, I was inspired by the Casina delle Civette, my first encounter with Art Nouveau. We wanted to let the player join a lively world and interact with the flat surface of a stained glass, so we considered the setting as a theatre piece.”
Alfredo Postiglione, art director and co-founder of Mangatar claims: “Little Briar Rose is a little, real jewel standing out from the ocean of video games. This peculiar title, inspired by the old graphic adventures, is filled with that magic recalling the settings of the greatest ‘80s and ‘90s movies.
While supervising the Little Briar Rose project, I tapped into feelings of my childhood when I used to watch movies like Labyrinth or Legend. I’ve really experienced the power of this title. Little Briar Rose can stir nostalgia and above all, gives the young gamers an amazing dream.”