Bring Out Your Inner Math Genius In Logic Puzzler ‘2Square’ Now Available On iOS® & AndroidTM

Indie game developer and publisher White Elephant Games is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their latest puzzle game, 2Square (“To Square”), a fun and highly addictive mathematical challenge with logic puzzles inspired by the all-time classic brain-teaser, Tetris®.

Played in a similar style to Tetris® the objective of 2Square is to maximize your score by positioning moving tiles of identical value on top of each other, by merging them, or by creating a horizontal chain of tiles, which ultimately disappear while boosting your score. Bombs are available in limited quantities and are excellent for blasting away unwanted tiles using cool effects. Bring out your inner math genius and immerse yourself in an engaging tile-matching puzzle frenzy, where you match and multiply numbers. For added fun you can compete with your friends for high-scores to determine the true genius among you! How many points can you score?