Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai is a mobile action-adventure game (Video)

Slash, Parry, Dodge, Lunge, Block! Quick-thinking and nimble-fingered players will test their skills as a loyal and mission-driven samurai in “Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai” a thrilling F2P mobile action-adventure game by Pandora Game Studio.

Not for the average lazy screen-tapping gamer, “Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai” is a free-to-play mobile action-adventure game set in 1700s Japan and based on the treasured historical Legend of the 47 Ronin. It requires skill, quick reflexes and an honorable soul to be played. Combat sequences are innovative due to their fluid and dynamic gameplay, based on a swipe and tap series of commands that unlock powerful fighting maneuvers. You must use your tactical mind so as to size up your enemies, find their weak spots, and deliver the most punishing blows. A wrong move may cost you your life.
You play with Oishi, a loyal samurai who serves the Asano clan and has been plagued with bizarre and vivid nightmares. In these horrid dreams, you fail to protect your lord while he is killed by a shadowy creature right before your eyes. So as to prevent this fate from befalling your master, you embark on a journey to eliminate his enemies. The way will be fraught with danger, but your honor and sense of duty demand you prevail at all costs.
The game’s combat system is a major feature of Bushido Saga, sure to please mid- and hardcore gamers in search of challenging mobile games to play on-the-go. “We wanted our players to feel the thrill of fighting for their lives with truly responsive input. Our inspiration came from “Infinity Blade” franchise swipe motion as well as the free flow combat system found in console games such as “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Shadows of Mordor”. Our team designed a hybrid of swiping motion with reflexive defensive actions, thus creating a new and unparalleled combat system tailor-made for touch input mobile games”, explains Eduardo Pereira, Head of Studio and Creative Director at Pandora Game Studio.

Storytelling is also a major feature in “Bushido Saga”, so the game should also appeal to gamers which are new to the action-adventure genre, especially on mobile platforms, but who enjoy a good story being told.
“Bushido Saga is an epic tale based on Japan’s national cultural treasure, the Legend of the 47 Ronin. In this first game, we present a fantasized prequel to this legend, building on how Lord Asano was led to commit ritual suicide (seppuku) and how his loyal samurais became the vengeful ronin in the legend. The game digs deep into Japanese lore and historical aspects, such as political clans, clothing and weapons. More importantly, its gameplay is pervaded by the essence of combat in Japanese culture. One strike can be deadly, so the player must read the enemies and have excellent reflexes so as to survive even the lowliest encounter. Think about Musashi and how clever and resourceful he had to be whenever dueling an enemy. It is this feel we want to deliver to our players.”, says Jonata Rodrigues, Game Designer at Pandora Game Studio.

Game Features:
        UNRAVEL a deadly conspiracy against you lord!
         SLASH at your enemies by swiping the screen. Control is at your fingertips.
         KILL dozens of minions as only a skilled and expert SAMURAI can do!
         BATTLE with a myriad of weapons: blades, halberds, spears, hammers or bows.
         EQUIP the right weapon to battle each type of enemy. Each weapon has it strengths and weaknesses.
         VANQUISH powerful and fearsome BOSSES.
         CUT down hordes of fierce SAMURAI, stealthy NINJA and fearsome RONIN!
         LOOT dozens of masterful armors, legendary blades and mythical swords.