ByteRockers’ VR game VRog is now available

After VRog has already been published successfully for Nintendo Wii U, nature lovers can now start catching flies and other insects in Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. Players can compete against time or a hungry stork in two different game modes and beat the highscore. VRog is now available for 2.99€ in the Oculus Rift Shop.

Flycatcher at the lake
In ByteRockers’ VRog, players step into the roles of a hungry frog and catches as many flies as possible amidst his favourite pond. Therefore, he jumps back and forth on water lilies and explores his environment during his search for prey. But beware: Not all the insects are suitable food! The player should keep out of the way of the whirring wasps. He controls every action during his hunt with his viewing direction. A buttonstroke is only necessary to start the game.

The right food promises exciting visual effects
The caught insects affect the player’s cognition positively or negatively. Players can slow down the running time and catch even more insects if they eat the right food. They might also get the ultimate perspective and can trace their prey in the wilderness around the pond even better. If the player accidentally swallows the wrong insect, he has to train his aim from an unusual perspective.

Different game modes challenge the player
In two different game modes the player has to prove that he is a professional fly catcher. His goal is to catch as many flies as possible as the frog is very hungry and wants to be fed. During the arcade mode, the player has 90 seconds to snatch the juicy delicacies and beat the highscore. But beware of the huge stork in the second mode. The stork makes his first appearance in the survival mode and gives the frog a rough time. Once the frog has been spotted by the stork, players should flee as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the friendly turtle is very helpful and lets the frog hop on her back and brings the frog to safety. The player can catch as many insects as possible in unwatched seconds, though.

VRog, which is developed by ByteRockers’ Games and published by Illusion Walk is now available for Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. In the Oculus Shop, VRog can be purchased for 2.99€.