Castor Games launches “Project: sHE” for Android and iOS markets

“Project: sHE” is a mobile game that takes place after the downfall of a utopian world, originated by the development of a Human Equivalent (HE) AI. After a glitch causes HE to prioritize itself over its creators, the perfect society that HE helped create is destroyed, replaced by a world where even thinking is mechanically controlled. “Project: sHE” takes you on a journey to deactivate HE and free humanity, through a series of deceptively simple puzzles with fun and unique twists. “Project: sHE” is now available for all iOS and Android platforms.

“Project: sHE” is a puzzle game that was designed with a focus on two core concepts and develops them with the end user in mind. The puzzle mechanics are based on a classic computer science problem offering the user a new kind of puzzle experience that was tested and evolved to be approachable by a wide audience. The game features a rich story, something atypical of most mobile puzzle games. Keeping the user in mind, the story is presented in a manner allowing the user to easily choose their level of involvement based on interest.

“Project: sHE” is available for download on Google Play and the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store

Game Features:
• Over 200 puzzles spread out over 6 chapters provide hours of gameplay
• Multiple puzzle twists for variety and challenge
• Collect hidden Golden Nodes to unlock special bonus puzzles
• Quick and simple tutorial gets you right into the game
• Stuck on a puzzle? Skip it and come back later!
• Exit or restart at any time – you’ll pick up right where you left off
• No ads, no IAPs, no nagging
• Short and clever sci-fi storyline to tie it all together
• or skip the story whenever you like, there’s no wrong way to play!