Cat Run Available Now for iOS And Android (Video)

Every cat owner knows the phenomenon sometimes referred to as “the zoomies”: All is quiet but suddenly the cat comes racing into the rooms, bounces against the furniture a few times and tears out again as if there’s a catnip giveaway next door. This behaviour has inspired animal-loving Mobile Games Publisher Tivola to their new game: In Cat Run the player has to steer a running cat through halls and rooms full of furniture.

But it’s not only speed and obstacles: Evil Dogs lurk behind corners and must be avoided! Players need good eyes and fast fingers players to master challenges like this on the hunt for the next high score. With coins collected during the run new cat breeds to choose from are unlocked.

Cat Run, a game by award-winning mobile games publisher Tivola, is available on iOS and Android. The beautiful casual game can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Shop. It’s fully playable without payment but some extra content can be purchased from within the app (IAP).

Play as a kitten and master a difficult parcours!
Stay clear of furniture and especially of dogs!
Collect coins and destroy obstacles for points!
Unlock 20 different cat races and choose your favorite!
Become the best runner in your circle of friends!