Cube Blast Saga, Casual 3D puzzler on Android

IsTom Games released of Cube Blast Saga – a casual 3D puzzle game for the Android (with an iOS release arriving later as well). The game is available for download for free.

About the game
Cube Blast Saga will challenge even the most reputable puzzle solvers.
Push your spatial thinking abilities to their limits, as you solve
increasingly complex 3D puzzles, with new and exciting mechanical twists
popping up,
just when you thought you saw all the game has to offer.…

Evil Lands, multiplayer fantasy RPG on Google Play

“Evil Lands” has hit Google Play stores worldwide. This captivating RPG with high-end 3D graphics is the newest title from Rage Quit Games, developers who created the chart-topping hit “The Wolf”. Set in a fantasy medieval world, the game is said to be the best looking mobile game of its genre.…

Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute on iOS and Android

Picola  announced the release of Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute. The popular Panda and Dog manga by cartoonist Steven Spielhamburg is available in game form on Android and iOS.

Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute is a game that lets you pet Dog by tapping the screen. Your affection appears as hearts you can collect and then trade for adorable clothes, and to invite new friends over.…

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, spin-off of THE GAME OF LIFE on iOS

Pack your bags and get ready to create your dream vacation! Marmalade Game Studio presents THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, the first digital spin-off of Hasbro’s board game classic, THE GAME OF LIFE. The new spin-off released worldwide on the App Store, with a Google Play release following shortly, and allows fans of the original as well as new players to explore the sunny side of life.…

ChessFinity, Endless Runner / Chess Hybrid on mobile

ChessFinity, a game that combines the rules and figurines of traditional chess with the thrill of an endless runner, is out now on Android and iOS. And you can check it out for free – just download it and try to beat the highscores!

ChessFinity for iOS in the AppStore
ChessFinity for Android in the Playstore

Beating the highscore aint easy, so you can collect a number of potions to power-up your figurine.…

Heroic – Magic Duel, PvP strategy game on mobiles

Nordeus announced the fast-paced strategy game Heroic – Magic Duel. Launching worldwide on iOS and Android, Heroic aims to shake up and dominate the competition with some exciting new twists on a fan-favorite genre.

Heroic will put skill, reflexes and tactical smarts to the test in a series of fast and furious PvP lane battles where players must upgrade and master a variety of five Heroes, each with their own unique abilities and traits, to overcome the fierce challenges throughout the Arenas and dominate the competition.…

Snatch, a radical new AR mobile game

Snatch is a radical new AR mobile game that rewards users for playing with their favorite brands. T

Using the powerful augmented reality tech that sits inside everyone’s phone, Snatch is a next-generation mobile game that offers an enhanced and playful view of the world. Players use their cameras to explore the world around them, hunting for parcels containing mystery prizes from Snatch’s brand partners.…

Worse Than Death, petrifying iOS users

Action-adventure horror game Worse Than Death leaps out from a dark corner and onto millions of iOS devices worldwide!

In this follow-up to the popular indie horror game Home, players control Holly as she returns to her home town for a truly dreadful reason — her high school reunion! It doesn’t take long for the weekend to go off the rails, and soon Holly must run from unseen horrors, hide in the shadows, and solve increasingly tricky puzzles to stay alive. …

LEGO Tower on iOS & Android

Get ready to take your LEGO® construction skills to new heights! LEGO Games, together with NimbleBit, creators of the classic mobile game Tiny Tower, have released LEGO® Tower, a brand-new, free-to-play, tower-building experience for iOS and Android devices. In LEGO® Tower, players will build and manage their own skyscraper communities — creating the ultimate dream spaces for their Minifigures to live their best blocky-self lives.…

Human: Fall Flat, Puzzle platformer on mobile

505 Games launched the massively popular physics-based puzzle platformer Human: FallFlat on the App Store and Google Play.

Presented with a unique sense of style, Human Fall Flat is a game unlike any other – and with today’s launch on mobile, which offers single-player local and up to four players co-op online, it’s also available to more humans than ever before, reaching audiences in 135 territories around the world.