Clumsy Moose Season On Steam (Video)

Game Description:
Clumsy Moose Season is a funny and silly game that allows you to draw entire maps with your friends. You play as a stupid moose living among the islands inhabited by several angry rangers. It’s moose season but nobody realize it due to their low IQ.

You want a motorcycle? Kill zombies? Build houses? Ride a dinosaur? Hunt weird animals? Do pajama party? Do amazing bike tricks? Craft tools and vehicles? Go into space or burn in hell? The only limit is your imagination. Players can expect many hours of replayability and sharing of creations.

This game contains cartoon violence and adult humor.
1 Player / 1-8 Multiplayer Online / Cross-Platform / Co-op / Online Level Editor

Coming Features:
– Zombies, Badass Ranger, Dinosaur AI
– More Vehicles + Parts (Off-road, Cars, Helicopter, Bike, Skateboard, Weird Stuff and More)
– Weapons & turrets
– Alcool, Cigars and Explosions
– Lots more items
– More Crafting Content
– New Game Modes
– Random Generated Islands
– Steam Achievements & Trading Cards

Release Date:
March 2016 as Early Access

Game Price:
8.99 USD (10% Launch Discount)

PC / Mac / (Linux – Available Later)

Steam Store Page: