“Crazy Tribes” creeps in as “Scary Tribes” on Halloween

Xyrality haunts the App Store just in time for the scariest part of the year again. Just like last year, the Hamburg developer offers horror fans a Halloween edition of the popular post-apocalyptic MMO “Crazy Tribes”. The units in “Scary Tribes” have respectively turned into zombies, skeletons and monsters, while the bases have been invaded by giant spiders and bats. Those of you who want to experience the wasteland transformed into a ghost land can download “Scary Tribes” now. The app is free to play and available for a limited time only.

By the way: If you download “Scary Tribes”, you can simply log in with your existing “Crazy Tribes” account to continue competing and cooperating with all of the Crazy Tribes players in the same game worlds.

The Halloween edition “Scary Tribes” is available for free via iTunes and Google Play

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