Crimsonland Released on Windows 8 and Windows Phone as Universal App

The top down hardcore shooter Crimsonland is now available on Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The game is priced $9.99 USD and comes as an Universal App. A free trial is also included on both platforms.

“We’re very excited to launch Crimsonland on Windows platforms. It’s great to see Microsoft pushing great features like Universal App to benefit developers and customers alike, and the upcoming Windows 10 features are even more exciting.”, says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Crimsonland is a top-down dual stick arena shooter with role-playing game elements. The player must complete 60 increasingly challenging missions full of zombies, giant spiders, lizardmen and more to unlock 30 weapons and 55 perks. The massive arsenal is unleashed in Survival game mode, where the player must score as high as possible by cleverly combining perks, weapons and playstyle.

Crimsonland is a remastered version of 10tons Ltd.’s first game originally released in 2003.

•Quest mode with six chapters
•Five survival modes: Survival, Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker, and Nukefism
•30 unique weapons
•55 awesome perks
•Up to four player local co-op on Windows version

Crimsonland launch trailer:

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