Cutest riot simulator Anarcute out now on PC and Xbox One (Video)

French independent developer Anarteam shows off colourful destructive mayhem in new launch trailer of the glorious Kawaii-style revolution

Anarcute, the cutest riot simulator has today been released by multi-award winning French creators Anarteam on PC (Steam) and Xbox One, and is available for £11.99 / €14.99 / $14.99.

Anarcute lets players gather up an adorable cadre of dough-eyed revolutionaries and then unleash them on bright and colourful Kawaii-style destructible sandbox environments. The ultimate goal is not random chaos, but to bring peace and liberty to the world. By solving intricate puzzles, rescuing friends and defeating many enemies players will overthrow the dastardly Brainwash Patrol, and let cuteness rule!

•Grow from a one-person army to a powerful mob, and unlock new powers as you do

•Throw environmental objects and take down whole buildings while rampaging through the city

•Face special units, including snipers and menacing robot spiders, from the dark forces of the Brainwash Patrol

•Lead the revolution across 40 levels in a single-player campaign through cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Miami and Reykjavik

“We really feel we’ve made something pretty special and unique with Anarcute,” said Mathieu Leclercq, game designer at Anarteam. “I mean, how many other games are there that let you run rampant through the streets of Tokyo with an army of mussels, elephants and Shiba Inus?”