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Demo for Brutal Gladiator Action Game Versus: Battle of the Gladiator! (Video)

Netker Inc., a South Korean action game dev company, has announced the release of a new map “Ziro’s Temple” and a demo version of “Versus: Battle of the Gladiator” today. Versus was Greenlit on Steam Greenlight in April 2016, and launched on Steam Early Access on June 20th. On August 26th, Versus moved out of Early Access to officially launch on Steam.

Versus features brutal and hardcore non-targeting melee combat with customizable equipment and combat move set. Each attack has unique traits, strengths and weaknesses, which turns each match into a dynamic and complex mind game. With its non-targeting combat system and real-time armor destruction, the combat of Versus revolves around dynamic situations with unlimited replay value.

New map “Ziro’s Temple” is an Eastern-themed 4v4 Team Deathmatch map. On this map, gladiators will be able to not only charge toward the opponent team but also sneak behind them. With branching roads and stone stairs, players would be able to run away from the heat of battle to resupply and return. An ever-changing front of battle will form, and players will fight to overwhelm the opponent team and grasp the sweet victory.

On the demo version of Versus, players will be able to experience every aspect of Versus up to level 5. While demo version players will be excluded from several events and not be able to send messages, there will be no other restrictions for them so that they can experience it to its full potential.