Double Kick Heroes is a Post Apocalyptic Rhythm Metal’em all (Video)

Sick of Stardew Valley’s blips? Bored with marketing dudes showing off their wigs? Missing Brütal Legend? Overfed by bad tearful violin soundtracks? In need of a real Metal fatass tune? Then between two tests of Madden #25 & #26, come over here, we got exactly what YOU NEED!

Double Kick Heroes is a Post Apocalyptic Rhythm Metal’em all. Yep, you read it, the only f*cking Rhythm Shooter game packed with crumps of good Metal and chunks of zombie’s guts. You play a badass Metal band wandering through the wasteland with Gatling Shotguns plugged in their double kick drum. All you need is to beat the keyboard as hard as you can and enjoy your homemade havoc.

Since we are sending Double Kick Heroes to Steam Greenlight, we drunk a big pint of god knows what and prepared you an explosive trailer. Discover our badass band and their uncon-f*cking-ventionnal instruments of mass destruction. If you love Metal, if you cheer for awesome characters, if you crave for epic boss battles, then look no further, come take a look at the trailer. Or if you don’t, please go roast in hell with Chef f*cking Ramsay.

For the curious and for the connoisseurs, we’ll give you more news about advanced gameplay in a few weeks.

If the stars are aligned and Ktulu hasn’t eaten our mostly harmless planet, the Early Access should start this Winter.

Greenlight page :

Future features of the game:

§ 30 tremendously awesome quality Metal songs by the legendary video game AND Metal composer Elmobo ( yep THE guy of the amiga demoscene ). Isn’t it a perfect reason to sacrifice kittens?
§ Import your own music, play community tracks, edit your favorite songs, rebuild level designs and share challenges!
§ 4 buttons gameplay with more double kick craze, crusty grenades and bittersweet rail gun bits. Additional Cymbals and Snare tracks. Maybe time to dust off the old Guitar Hero drum set.
§ Unlock new gear and pimp the Gundillac. What moar!
§ Rodriguez infused, minimalist background story. Tarantino style razor edged quotes. All of that about being weird guys and gals who live for Sex and Drugs and Heavy Metal in the last days of Humanity.
§ #Explosions, #rebels, #militias, #undeads, #generalTrumpton, #roadrage, #madness, #apocalypse #buzzwords…. Ready to hit the fury road and eat a slice of burning asphalt ?
§ The only f*cking awesome rock and metal rhythm game with a Gundillac for Steam.