Downhill Masters, urban-style racing & management game

THEM Corporation, a global developer of free-to-play games, announced their worldwide launch of Downhill Masters for Android Users.

Downhill Masters is a new urban-style racing and management game that challenges users to help their characters reach their goals. By completing daily activities such as working, exercising and resting, in addition to competing in various courses and challenging multiple champions, users can develop their passionate amateur riders to full riding professionals. Moreover, Downhill Masters features various skills and equipment to help the character gear up and improve their chances to achieving their goal of becoming professional riders.

In addition to story mode, Challenge Mode and World Grand Prix are also available. In Challenge Mode, players can compete with up to 4 players in 50 different stages. But if this is not enough, World Grand Prix allows players to compete on 1-on-1 matches with up to 28 champions.

Also, Downhill Masters is available in 17 different languages and can be used online as well as offline (available in Airplane mode) meaning data usage is not an issue.

Downhill Masters is now available for free download on Google Play worldwide. The iOS version of the game is scheduled for release at a later date.

About Downhill Masters
Downhill Masters is an urban-style downhill racing and management game. Choose between three refreshing, lively, and jolly characters and follow them on their path to become professional riders by competing in various courses and challenging multiple champions. Additionally, manage their daily lives by performing daily activities to improve their overall stats. With support in 17 different languages and playable in Airplane mode, users from all backgrounds can easily start their own riding adventures.