Kesselberg Legendary Racing gets major Update with highly demanded new Graphics Style (iOS + Android)

“Kesselberg Legendary Racing” gets Major Update

Tired of Star Roads and Colorful Power-Ups? This game will have you covered.
Driving simulation veteran and visual simulation professional pays tribute to Bavaria’s most famous racetrack.
No Zombies, no stars, no careers, no bananas – Just A(nother) Racing Game.

Munich, Germany – January 26, 2015 – game developer Flauchers Finest is pleased to announce a major update for the back-to-the-basics, non casual racing game “Kesselberg Legendary Racing”. By public demand this update includes a new graphics style.

Controls and racetrack design were made as realistic as possible for a pure racing experience. High-resolution digital elevation data from airborne laser scanning was used for the construction of the road.

– Optimized 3D graphics for HD and Retina displays
– Optimized for Intel x86 Android devices
– Enhanced car dynamics for high speed driving, slow turns and drifts
– Sound simulation for engine, gear shifts, transmission, crashes and wind
– Two-finger controls allow braking and turning or a combination of both
– Free, no extra costs
– No ads during gameplay

Pricing and Availability:
The Update of “Kesselberg Legendary Racing” is available for free in the “Racing Games” categories from January 29, 2015.


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