Gamers yearning for the days of rich story-based adventures, behold! [Thunder! Lightning! Chorus of angels singing in unison!] Zojoi, creators of the re-imagined fantasy adventure Shadowgate 2014, along with indie games partner Reverb Triple XP are pleased to announce that the MacVenture Series Collection is now available on Steam.

Featuring the classic adventures created by Zojoi founders David Marsh and Karl Roelofs, all four MacVenture Series Collection games – Déjà Vu, Déjà Vu II, Shadowgate, and Uninvited – can be purchased separately for $2.99 each or as a four-pack bundle at $8.99. Each MacVenture Series Collection game contains both the original Macintosh 128k black and white and Apple IIGS 4-bit color versions. And to celebrate the release of these classics, the MacVenture Series Collection games will be available for a special limited time at a 20% launch discount on Steam ($2.39 each, $7.19 four pack bundle).

Watch the new MacVenture Series Collection trailer HERE:

“It’s awesome to see that there is still a large audience that enjoys well-written adventures,” said Dave Marsh, co-founder of Zojoi. “Since the launch of the re-imagined Shadowgate 2014, players have been asking to experience some of our earlier adventure games – so we figured, why not publish the original MacVenture titles? Making the entire collection available to our fans breathes new life into these classics and we look forward to releasing grander adventures in the near future.”

The MacVenture Series Collection consists of four classic games:
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True – Déjà Vu puts the player in the role of Theodore “Ace” Harding – retired boxer and private eye – who wakes up in a bathroom stall, unable to remember anything and framed for murder. Players must solve a complex mystery before either their health, or the cops, bring them down.

Déjà Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas – Hard-knuckled gumshoe Ace has been abducted by the notorious Las Vegas mobster, Tony Malone. Knocked senseless and left in the bathtub of a cheap Vegas hotel, gamers must re-trace their steps to unravel a mysterious conspiracy.

Shadowgate – Welcome to Shadowgate, the living castle. As the last of a great line of hero-kings, the players must stop the diabolical Warlock Lord before his black magic unleashes the hideous Behemoth and destroys the world. Venture into the mystical castle, solve riddles, and use magic spells in the granddaddy of all adventure games.

Uninvited – After an unfortunate car crash, the player awakes in front of a mysterious mansion, only to discover their brother is missing. With nowhere else to go, gamers embark on a frightening journey replete with menacing spirits, roaming zombies and a horde of dark dangers.
The MacVenture Series Collection games are now available for purchase separately at $2.99 or as part of a four-pack bundle at $8.99. For more information about the MacVenture Series Collection or the re-imagined classic Shadowgate, please visit

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