Drive yourself up the wall with DevilishGames’ 360 Hover Parking Mobile

This is the year 2136 and we’ve run out of space to store our cars. Fortunately, these new cars grip to any surface so we can drive them in the three dimensional axis. Enjoy parking cars in a 360 degrees experience, in every horizontal floor and every vertical wall, in a neon styled futuristic world. Park as many cars as you can before the time is over and before you lose your sense of direction.

360 Hover Parking has been developed on Unity3D, it’s playable with two modes of control, buttons and accelerometer, and it’s available for iOS & Android mobile devices on Appstore, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

At the same time, 360 Hover Parking has been released for web browser sponsored by and, to celebrate the trilogy comprised of Shopping Mall Parking, Police Cars Parking and 360 Hover Parking, DevilishGames is releasing all of them for OUYA console.

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