Dronetopolis AR, ARKit-powered drone simulator, on iOS

The state-of-the-art drone simulator Dronetopolis AR (formerly known as “DroneSimAR”) has arrived on the App Store!

Making full use of iOS 11’s ARKit, Dronetopolis AR allows you to hone your drone piloting skills as you explore your surroundings in stunningly realistic augmented reality.

Developed by a drone enthusiast who also happens to be a professional photographer, Dronetopolis AR’s flight dynamics were modeled after the real thing for pitch-perfect control. On top of being way more affordable than a real drone, the game also eliminates batteries, bad weather, flight restrictions or costly repairs. In the mood to share some footage? Record and stream your in-flight antics to wow friends and family members.

Taylor Moore (Co-Founder, CircleSquare Entertainment):

“ARKit is a game-changer. We were actually working very hard on a drone racing game – but dropped everything when we realized that we could offer iOS users the kind of augmented reality no one has ever seen before. Dronetopolis AR is the most realistic, most lifelike drone simulator ever made. Period.”

*   Control a virtual drone anytime, anywhere from your iOS device.
*   Watch your drone take flight through augmented reality.
*   Fly using a simple, straightforward interface.
*   Engage in realistic flight training with an indestructible drone.
*   Immerse yourself in an exhilarating flight experience.
*   Record and stream footage of your drone antics!

Dronetopolis AR is now available on iOS for only $1.99.