Eclidus, “Really hard” puzzler likened to a 2D Rubik’s cube

Eruption Games has released a new combination puzzle game that works like a 2D Rubik’s cube and is really hard. The game is available on the App Store and Google Play.

A game for mobile phones that is as difficult, as elegant and as deep as the cube. A combination puzzle that’s optimized for touch screen input. It’s a brand new puzzle that has its own algorithms for you to discover, learn and master.

We have done our best to capture the essence of the tactile feeling, mechanical sound and precision in execution so that you can attain the same levels of mastery and prowess as with a real-life cube.


  • Really hard twisty puzzle for those that enjoy a serious spatial challenge
  • Inspired by the Rubik’s Cube but built to be a mobile first experience
  • Over a million of states, only one is correct
  • A blend of virtual and mechanical/tactile aesthetic, both in terms of audio and visuals
  • Two levels of experience, at first a heavy cognitive task when solving the puzzle, and a mechanical skill test when mastered
  • Minimal elegant design with no ads to interrupt gameplay