Jelly Cube, a cute casual elimination game (Video)

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY is proud to announced that Jelly Cube, a new concept 3D puzzle game will be  officially released on both iOS and Android later today.

Jelly Cube is a game that is designed to train your brain. It can brighten your mind, improve your spatial cognition ability, prediction power, utilization ability, and rapid judgment.

The game is easy to start. All you have to do is to select one direction and slide the screen.

Tilt the screen by sliding up and down, left and right on the 3D plate. Cute jelly cubes will roll and move to one side due to the laws of gravity, and they will pop when over 3 cubes of the same color match together.

Jelly Cube is also a cute game which will be easily enjoyed by men and women of all ages!

Cute jelly effects, lighthearted and catchy music style, will surely provide you a perfect gaming experience.