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Indie game developer Handyman Studios and Reverb Triple XP are thrilled to announce today that Edge of Space, the 2D sandbox survival-adventure game, has launched a huge content update that delivers the first set of pilotable vehicles, the first integration of dynamic dungeons, the introduction of the sinister Headhunter faction, and a plethora of gameplay improvements that include improved user interaction mechanics, enhanced visual quality, consistently higher frame rates, and tons more.

“Pilotable vehicles are definitely a major feature for Edge of Space, and we took a big step in this patch by bringing the first of many to come,” said Jake Crane, lead designer and founder of Handyman Studios. “Another huge feature is the first integration of randomly-generated, dynamic dungeons where players will confront unique creatures, sinister traps, and mini-bosses for exclusive loot. And of course, with help from our awesome and growing community, there are several smaller improvements and bug fixes, bringing a tighter and much more polished experience.”

Some of the new Edge of Space content update features include:
•Pilotable Vehicles: Includes the fast and agile Space Raptor Mount and multi-person Loader Lifter vehicle
•Dynamic Dungeons: Randomly generated dungeons that will feature unique enemies, mini-bosses, and exclusive items
•New Points of Interest: Players will now find immense and distinctly-shaped structures called Outposts that can be explored throughout the dangerous landscapes
•Greatly Improved Gameplay Experience: Thanks to the amazing feedback of the growing EOS community, this update delivers a huge assortment of bug fixes and improvements that include:
· Ambient occlusion
· Improved user interactions
· Massive lighting optimization
· Vastly improved rendering that allows for consistently higher frame rates
· Improved weapon fire rate and feel

Available on Steam Early Access for the price of $12.99, Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated, sandbox survival-adventure game. Gamers start with only a laser pick and the gear from a crashed cryopod, and immediately start exploring, collecting resources from valuable mined ore, and fabricating survival equipment. Cybernetically-enhanced Space Laser Sharks, vicious genetically-evolved polar bears, and deadly quick Jet Pack Space Penguins are just some of the fantastically strange monstrosities gamers will encounter. At the absolute edge of space, gamers must adapt or die – good luck ArkCo Operatives!

For new feature announcements, please visit the game’s official Website, playedgeofspace.com

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