Enoch: Underground, RPG is available on Windows PC

What do we love about the good old RPGs? It’s death, despair, and decay. That’s obvious. These are the signature features of the new game Enoch: Underground!

The terror and gloom-filled world of Enoch: Underground is welcoming all action RPG lovers. Take part in a real death and survival race! Enoch: Underground is a rogue-like RPG that is set in an ancient perished city.  You are the Awakened, the only survivor of all the citizens of this formerly great city. You are surrounded by rusty spears, burning dead bodies, scary monsters, and treacherous traps. Your only goal is to survive. Find yourself a weapon and boost your skills. Cut through herds of monsters. And survive.

The Enoch is focused on a complex role model of the game: a true-to-life dynamic combat system and character equipment. The gameplay is as simple as it can be. The character development is based solely on the equipment.  You don’t have to figure out dozens of skill combinations, but the variety of equipment allows you to work out your unique style.
The developers insist that Enoch is made complex, but just. And for a good reason: you get to appreciate the victory at the end of each level. Mind you, the game has no checkpoints! Isn’t it challenging?

●       Well elaborated role and combat systems: every new enemy is surprisingly different. Equipment affects your character’s stats.
●       The game has a lot of secrets. Find and unlock them all!

Available on Windows PC on Steam