Everdark Tower, Pocket-sized RPG series out in North America

KEMCO announced the release of Everdark Tower set to hit the Google Play Store™ and App Store in the USA and Canada today. The app is made available for free!

Challenge Mysteries and Puzzles!
Dungeons are filled with puzzles and gimmicks. Solve the puzzles, get the treasures and go deeper… Enjoy an easy-to-follow excitement!

  • Time required to beat the game: 2-4 hours

Make stopped time move again…!
One day, the time has stopped across the world. Invited by a girl seeking help in the dream, you will be heading for the Curren Town. Solve the mysteries of the clock tower which marked the first passage of time in history, and retrieve the time!

Wits to the adventure!
Spot the enemy’s weak points and move the gimmicks. This time the game system stimulates your wits! The easy and simple battle system is still alive, with an addition of enjoyment of getting through puzzles in dungeons!