Tacticool, Isometric 5v5 Multiplayer Shooter on Mobile

Run, drive, hide and shoot! Independent developer, Panzerdog, announced that free-to-play top-down, physics-focused mobile shooter, Tacticool, is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Regional winner of the Nordic Discovery contest, Tacticool also took 1st place in mobile at the GTP Indie Cup in Summer 2018, 1st place at the Indie Showcase during GameDev Days in Tallinn and 2nd place at the Big Indie Pitch 2018. Tacticool features isometric 5v5 synchronous multiplayer shooter action with realistic physics and destruction, a huge range of primary, secondary and special weapons with customization options. Team up with friends to challenge other squads and reign supreme through a variety of unique maps with unexpected challenges, necessitating strong teamwork and strategy.

Tacticool is a free-to-play, isometric 5v5 cross-platform multiplayer shooter for mobile, incorporating realistic physics, cars and a destructible environment that players can use to their advantage in combat. Tactical and coordinated play comes first, so players must join friends or squads to divide roles and annihilate the enemy throughout a variety of unique maps with unexpected elements in them, such as zombies, a rogue tank or a merciless train running over everything in sight.