Evil War, A 2D shooter (Video)

Ever wanted to shoot an UNSTOPPABLE beam from your chest? To PULVERISE Your enemies into nothing with an AWESOME WEAPON!? Or maybe Slow Down time to get the Perfect Shot?! Or Perhaps to face INSANE ODDS like 1000 vs 1 and feel the exhilaration of DANGER? Welcome to Evil War. 

Evil War is a game where you get to battle endless waves of Unique Enemies, finally leading up to One of the Three Bosses, These Bosses are tough and relentless, you need to be TOUGHER! You are an Unstoppable Relic, a machine that was built by a generation before, to prevent whatever disaster that was predicted. It is your DUTY, to stop the on-coming Monstrosities and face them with courage, bravery and an endless thirst for BATTLE! With exciting and unique Boss Battles, DODGE A 100 ROCKETS! POP A MASSIVE EYEBALL! And SEND terror back to their own realm through whatever portal they dared use. All the while, learning from every death, learn to improve by gearing up with better armor, better weapons and face your once most feared enemy with little fear but A LOT OF COURAGE! use power-ups and blast your way through the lot of em, heal your self or triple your gain, it’s up to you! In our latest game Evil War!

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