Turbofinger is crazy arcade races (Video)

Turbofinger is crazy arcade races, in which the player can use his own finger like a virtual machine. Overcome all your friends in turbo races on the cars-fingers!
The player has to steer around barriers and collect gear-wheels which give him scores in the game. The speed of the game is constantly accelerating and the player will need all his skills to drive on the road as long as possible. Especially that you cannot take your finger away from the screen!
The longer the player will stick to the road, the more scores he will get. The game has constantly rising multiplier that is why the number of gained scores increases depending on the time spent in the game. Beside gear-wheels on the road the player can get bonuses which make the game process easier.
The road is generated on-line automatically, so every time it will be different for the player.

The game has 2 bonuses: 
Zerk – for some time turns all the barriers on the road into gear-wheels.
Snare – lows the speed and allows staying longer in the game.
Also you can buy one or more special modifiers before the game:
Multiplier – multiplies gained scores into 2.
Magnet – draws all gear-wheels to your finger.
Last cast – gives an opportunity to continue the game after crashing into the barrier without losing the scores.
You can either play alone or compete with others. The game is integrated with GameCenter and high scores of other players are displayed in the game process right on the road in the form of lines crossing it.
Game is over if the finger of the player touches the curb, the barrier on the road or if the player takes the finger away from the screen. But if the game lasts more than one minute the player gets the chance to play a lottery. There he can win a “last cast” modifier and continue the current game.