Finger Band out now on iOS (Video)

sherpa reynolds Finger Band is a beat matching memory game currently available for iOS (iPhone & iPad). Made for fans of ‘one more go’ type games, it puts audio at the center of the experience, actively encouraging players to use their ears and not overly rely on visual feedback alone.

Gameplay echoes that of Simon (the classic memory game), but with a rhythmic twist. Players must listen to a sequence of beats, recall that sequence from memory, and then repeat it back with button presses, keeping it in-time for additional bonuses. A simple premise that allows new players to get on board quickly, but one that soon becomes more challenging as new gameplay elements are introduced.

Each new stage brings with it one more button/instrument for the player to manage, creating a difficulty curve that is very much of the players own making. It also ensures the challenge is representative of their current ability level/skill, something (it is hoped) advances as they progress. ‘Handicaps’ are introduced at key points, to offer even more variety and challenge for the player to navigate. These all play on particular audio/memory based functionality, be it slowing down or speeding up the the rhythm, or through an audio and visual distraction such as a duck quacking whilst it flies across the screen.

Where as most games of this ilk go for a more minimalist approach, each stage of Finger Band has been specifically handcrafted, combining unique concoctions of household items to form instruments that respond to every press in a tactile and engaging way. To this end progress is rewarded in both an arbitrary (access to new stage) and contextual (the reveal of these new contraptions) way.