Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore to launch on the App Store on December 8 (Video)

Deep Silver FISHLABS, the developers of the award-winning Galaxy on Fire franchise, are happy to announce that their upcoming sci-fi action game, Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore, will arrive on iOS devices as a free download on December 8. The team has also released a brand new video that details the different types of enemies players will face.

In Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore, players explore a gorgeous, handcrafted universe; take on mercenary contracts; and defend the galaxy from ruthless pirate gangs in explosive dogfights.

Beyond intense gameplay, rich content and a gripping storyline, Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore offers high-end 3D graphics, native touchscreen controls and professional voiceovers. In terms of scope, ambition and technical excellence, it sets a new standard for mobile games, with production values on par with a AAA console title.