Game Circus has released TAPS TO RICHES!

In Taps to Riches, you are a master villain who has spent your entire life pursuing world domination through nefarious means. However, it is now time to resort to a different means of world domination – capitalism!

Starting with a small fireworks stand, invest in new businesses and upgrade your existing ones until you become the supreme ruler of Earth… and beyond!  Taps to Riches is the amazing new clicker game which lets you build an empire, even while it’s in your pocket!

Taps to Riches allows you to earn money while idle, and you can earn even more money by tap, tap, tapping on the screen! Your money can be invested in new businesses, which increase your earnings even further. Soon you will be making millions, or even billions of dollars every second. As you progress, you can choose to unlock the power of Bizbots, which will further assist you in building your fortune!


·         Build your empire across multiple cities, each with unique challenges
·         A different experience for each player, depending on the specific Advisers you collect
·         Dare to reset your progress and harness the power of Bizbots
·         Build and upgrade your businesses to see them evolve into architectural masterpieces
·         Tons of bonuses and achievements to discover

Taps to Riches is available on your favorite iOS or Android device so download now!