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Gigantic X, Mobile action shooter is available

ActionSquare announced that their new title Gigantic X officially started its global service. Gigantic X is now available at Google Play Store and Apple Appstore globally, South Korea and Mainland China excluded.

Gigantic X is a top-down shooter with subtle and intuitive control along with thrilling action in battlefields. The game takes place at intergalactic planets in a far future, where human race and alien species clash with each other to secure resource and safety. Players becomes mercenaries of major companies and attend missions, fighting against numerous types of aliens.

The core of this game is about the thrill of manual action control. Every behavior and projectiles shot from enemies have distinctive patterns and players will find solution with subtle and timely control.

In addition, Gigantic X brings diverse battle experience to players, as the combination of characters and equipment requires different solution at each of the battlefield. Gigantic X features 3 distinctive characters, a pointman, a technician and a brawler, and 42 different kinds of weapons/equipment. Additionally, there are 40 distinctive boss monsters has each different solutions, thus battle experience differs based on combination of characters and weapons.

Furthermore, Gigantic X grants innumerous battle experiences at various battlefields including Classic Stage mode, Multiplayer Mode containing Co-Op missions. Classic Stage mode provides opportunity to acquire materials for producing and upgrading equipment. Multiplayer Mode is mainly about cooperating with other players, granting more rewards upon victory.

Shin Hyung Il, the CEO of ActionSquare said ‘I am sure that Gigantic X will bring the utmost battle experience for all action game lovers as it is designed to focus on the core fun of manual action control’ He further stated ‘We will bring new contents and exciting features upon further updates’.

Gigantic X is available through Google Playstore and Apple Appstore globally, South Korea and mainland China excluded.