GLOBE, an arcade action space shooter, on iOS and Android

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY to announced that GLOBE, an arcade action space shooter with roguelite elements, is out on iOS and Android all over the world.

The game focuses on fast paced gameplay and exhilarating space action. Aliens have attacked the patrol station in space and all the astronauts have been dislodged from the space station. The pilot has to eliminate all threats and save all astronauts. Equip over 40 Mods with 100’s of combinations to complete all the phases and save the astronauts. Destroy the aliens and asteroids and earn SpaceDust. Upgrade your ship with collected SpaceDust and continue your journey.

How to play:

  • Click left or right to control the flight direction of your ship;
  • Collect SpaceDust to upgrade your ship;
  • Destroy Aliens and asteroids


  • 40+ Mods
  • 25 levels of pure arcade madness.
  • Comic book story strips VS bright and vivid graphics

GLOBE can be free downloaded on App Store and Google Play.