Grim Defender, Out on Android

We started working on our debut game Grim Defender motivated by the lack
of very good castle defense games – we knew that we can do this better.

We worked on Grim Defender for nearly two years, which is an insane
amount of time for a mobile castle defense, but it was worth it; we
believe that we have created the most engaging castle defense game on
the market.

About Grim Defender

The hordes are preparing their attacks – get ready for the best castle defense you have ever played. Plan well and last the longest of all defenders!

– Stop the dark hordes from destroying your castle!
– Endless levels and upgrades – how far can you make it?
– More than 30 unique enemies and hundreds of unique boss fights.
– Fully customizable defense; combine 25 crossbows, 20 modules, 12
spells and 12 traps. Craft the best combination.
– More than 20 powerful legendaries (more to come).
– Comprehensive leaderboard; see how other players defend their castle
and show yours.
– Dailies, challenges and global competitions with other players.