Headup Games presents the ultimate rock music quiz: – iOS and Android versions available now

Düren, June 25 – Following our announcement in May that Headup Games were about to enter new territory and explore both the rock music and quiz genre, it is not without pride that we inform you today that Rock´n´Roll Knowitall is now available for iOS and Android – totally free of charge and in five different languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch!

About Rock’n’Roll Knowitall
Challenge your friends all over the world in the ultimate rock quiz and show that you are the biggest rock expert around. Whether you play against friends or unknown opponents: With different levels and exclusive bonus rounds, Rock´n´Roll Knowitall is an entertaining gaming experience. Correct answers, speed, and the clever use of jokers, are the secret to success. And the good news is: The game is free!

These 4,000 original questions – divided between the five main genres “Alternative”, “Classic Rock”, “Hard Rock & Heavy Metal”, “Independent”, and “Punkrock”, plus additional genres “Speed & Thrash Metal” and “Progressive Rock” – will challenge even the most committed music lover while at the same time feeding your brains with tons of rock facts. And those who love music, but have not necessarily memorised all the background information will also be able to enjoy Rock´n´Roll Knowitall: Our “Rock’n’Roll-Rookie”-mode features only Level 1 questions to make your entry into the great, big world of Rock’n’Roll easier.

As you are reading this, brand new question packages and puzzles for bonus rounds are already being developed by a team of experts, made up of music journalists and fans. Rock´n´Roll Knowitall content will continue to evolve all the time, surprising and challenging players worldwide.

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