Healer Quest available today on iOS and Android

Title : Healer Quest
Business Model : Free to Play (honest)
Developer : Rablo Games (solo-developed by Pablo Coma)
Publisher : no publisher, independant game
Platforms : iOS, Android (Google Play Store)
Worldwide release : june 9th 2015 (available)
Genre : Healer-RPG (An RPG in which you only control the healer)
Ambiance : Medieval Fantasy / Humoristic / Parody
Languages : English, French
Multiplayer : No

Links :
Release trailer : https://youtu.be/PNQT9j4bRRM
Original Soundtrack : https://rablogames.bandcamp.com/

Description :
Healer Quest is a parodic RPG in which you control the healer of a team of adventurers. It tells the story of a young boy who found a magical wand which gives him awesome healing powers. After teaming up with 4 crazy people, they leave on a quest for gold and glory.

The game focuses on real-time combats in which you have to use your spells wisely in order to keep your allies alive. Before the fight starts, choose 4 spells amongst the 18 at your disposal. They include different sorts of healing and recovery spells, defensive and offensive buffs, mana recovery skills, etc. Each spell can be upgraded on 3 levels by gaining experience points. The ultimate level is only unlocked after finishing the game and starting New Game +1.

You can’t deal damage by yourself as you play as the healer only, but you have a direct impact on the damage your teammates are dealing. Try to make them use their special attacks, you can trigger each of them in a different situation. For example, the Knight deals double damage when he has more than 85% life, while the Barbarian deals double damage when he has less than 30% life. You will also have to deal with 8 different abnormal states (confusion, vampirism, poison, imp, etc) as well as many unforseen events. Thieves, goblins, vampires, trolls, dragons and many other enemies and bosses will try to stop you!

Healer Quest is divided into 100 intense levels so that game sessions can be very short.

Features :
•Unique and cute hand-painted graphical style
•Melodic orchestral music
•100 levels ranging from super-easy to super-challenging
•Unlimited number of New Game +
•18 different spells. Upgrade them on 3 different levels.
•New Game +1 gives you access to the ultimate level of each spell
•Achievements and 5 different leaderboards
•Discover a one-of-a-kind scenario and crazy characters in this RPG parody.

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