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I Love My Circle (Video)

Joshua Burr will release his debut game, ‘I Love My Circle’, for Android and iOS on March 1st 2016.

All you want is to live in peace with your circle. Unfortunately the rectangles don’t approve of your love and will stop at nothing to drag you apart.

I Love My Circle is a challenging, unputdownable mobile game with simplistic gameplay and a clean, minimal style. Avoid becoming separated from your circle while dodging and smashing through an onslaught of jealous rectangles. Fight your way through a colourful rainbow of stages and challenge the Rectangle Lord for your right to love.

Key features:
• An infinite arcade game that is easy to get into but challenging to beat.
• Satisfying one-finger controls that allow you to fluidly dodge and smash your way though oncoming rectangles.
• Five extra modes to unlock, including hard+ modes for those who can take it.
• An awesome soundtrack created by Antoine Bardoz and finefin.
• A minimalistic style that leaves the screen free of any distractions.
• Physics!

Joshua Burr is a mathematician/software-developer who has always harboured ambitions of making games but been put off by his lack of artistic talent. After entering Ludum Dare for the first time he became inspired by the amazing community to go ahead and make a game using simplistic graphics. Several game jams later, during ‘FGL Game Jam #31’, ‘I Love My Circle’ was born. Since then he has continued to develop it in his spare time and now it is finally ready for release.

I Love My Circle will launch with an introductory price of £0.79/$0.99 and will have a regular price of £1.49/$1.99.