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Sandbox Survival RPG ‘Samphi’ Tells The Bittersweet Tale Of A Troubled Relationship Via Steam (Video)

Indie game developer Dale Green publishing his work as Greeny Games Studio is proud to announce that Samphi, previously Greenlit via Steam™, is going live on (Steam™) Early Access beginning Friday, March 18th. Samphi is a beautiful 2D sandbox survival RPG with great features and a compelling story, in which you relive the wonderful memories of a failed relationship between a boy and a girl, in an attempt to understand and salvage what is left. Unveiling the bittersweet tale of love in a challenged relationship, Samphi offers you the freedom of play to influence and impact the story in the game.

Samphi is a randomly generated survival RPG with key elements such as world management and skills. The Early Access version coming soon offers local- and online-freeplay, while the finished version will include the ambitious story-mode and a host of additional features. Focusing on character progression, skills and pets, you can play as a boy or a girl in a unique sandbox gameplay experience, in which your task is to complete memories and associated tasks within a timeline of events. In freeplay mode, there is no set objectives, or goals, or story … its pure sandbox fun, where you create your own story to master the skills in a game of survival. Construct and use tools, take advantage of the environment, and utilize objects at your disposal. You need a shelter for protection and food to survive, and it might be good to practice your hunting and fishing skills.

Samphi is an ambitious game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. You do not need to be an RPG fan or sandbox survival enthusiast to enjoy playing. Anyone who ever asked themselves when it was time to let go and move on in a relationship will fully enjoy the story and gameplay experience.

Samphi on Steam™ Early Access: