Prepare to unleash your character and engage in the ultimate visceral combat for universal domination as you fight your way across 7 galaxies and 50 planets on 26th February. The all-powerful Overlords are set for a fight to the death in this action shoot-fest as you set out on your mission to settle old scores for your incarceration.

Take retribution against your arch enemy Kesedihan by regaining control of planets colonised by this evil warlord who has ravaged them of all resources to feed her dominance.

There are seven galaxies in Single-Player mode with three single player modes to choose from; Main Gameplay, Co-operative and Gameplay Loop. Each galaxy will have eight planets and each section features atmospheric cut scenes. The multi-player portion of the game has four game modes and focuses on pitting the players against each other.

Features:•Have fun creating planets using the built-in level editor
•Share new planets and then attack other players’ planets for action packed gameplay
•Pick-up-and-play free rampage – destroy every building and inhabitant of a planet before time runs out
•Enjoy playing as a different race with a choice of up to six Overlords
•PVP Multiplayer mode (up to four players)
•Upgrading your character with items and power ups adds to pace of the game
•Local and Steam Multiplayer modes
•A whole host of different levels including variable game levels with switchable core mechanic
•Four playable characters

Destructive to Creative

Space Overlords offers an exciting new feature of being able to build your own planets which can be incorporated into your game, choose the base build of your globe such as Forest, Ice or Lava and build up. Choose your atmosphere, a visual aesthetic that helps you to identify it. Choose what terrain will make up the surface; decide between craggy metal surfaces, sculpted rock beds or cold icy plains. Select between seas, which froth between islands, giving it the visual finishing touch to make this planet yours. This fully customisable planet creator tool truly allows you to adapt a planet to how you want to see it, create an icy cold world with lava seas to make each planet you create unique. But that is not all; populate your world with vast expanding structures such as buildings and smaller details such as trees for you to destroy, or add turrets for a real challenge.
Challenge adversaries in your Universe

Welcome into your domain new foes in the form of other players. Space Overlords now has a multiplayer mode for you to challenge your friends in PvP in your worlds. Witness the clash of the titans as two of the mightiest beings in the universe face off against each other; test your skills against your friends with the online and local multiplayer. Alternatively bond together and work to bring destruction across multiple planets leaving nothing but dust in your wake as you and your partner go on a rampage across the universe in the campaign, you’ve witnessed the power of one Overlord, imagine the power of two.