Japan’s Spirit World Awakens in ‘Ne No Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto’ (Video)

One of the most hotly anticipated Japanese visual novels of the year has been localized by Sekai Project and is available now on Nutaku.net! Ne No Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto is a supernatural tale of romantic adventure, inviting players to explore a version of Japan thrown out of balance with the spirit world by a powerful earthquake. Created by Japanese development group Kuro Irodoru Yomiji and available, uncut, uncensored, and DRM-free, the mature version of Ne No Kami will be exclusively available on Nutaku.net.

About Ne No Kami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto

An unusual earthquake in Kyoto has upset the delicate balance between this world and the next, opening the door to demons and other creatures of legend. Now lurking beneath the surface of the mundane reality, these powerful forces send a prophecy to a young woman: “Len, you are going to abandon this town… and die—today.”

Written by Fenrir Vier (ふぇんりるふぃーあ) and illustrated by Hatatchi (はたち), Ne No Kami is fully voice acted and replete with artwork drawing from fantasy, feudal Japan, science fiction and mythology. Its characters develop through the course of 10 hours of gameplay as they voyage through a shadow-version of their homeland and explore both an intriguing mystery and their own burgeoning yuri romantic feelings.

Localized with loving care by Sekai Project, Ne No Kami is the product of a successful IndieGoGo campaign that achieved 300% of its original funding goal. Breaking from the norms of the VN genre through its creative use of video to illustrate action and dynamically change the tempo of combat, the game promises to become a classic of its genre.  

Game Features
·         A powerfully engaging cast of female protagonists engaged in a yuri romance/adventure.
·         Voice acting from some of Japan’s most renowned video game actresses, including Aizawa Nachu and the late Mochi Yomogi.
·         Talented art direction interspersed with dynamic video to bring the game’s action to life.
·         Uncensored and uncut – Nutaku only offers the full version of the game, with no content patches required to restore mature scenes.
·         DRM-free when purchased from Nutaku.net.